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Two-Way & Three-Way Line Blinds (LB)

The LB Series Line Blinds are used when there is a requirement or need for two distinctly different fluids to flow through a common line at different times. The most common use is to keep water and carbon dioxide (CO2) separate in an injection system. This product is also used in the marine industry, power generating plants, natural gas plants, and liquid storage terminals.

  • Simple and Easy to Use Gating Design
  • Spreader Bolts Come Std. with Lube Fittings
  • Teflon® Packing Rings, Positive Seal
  • Quick and Safe Flow Transfer Bleed Ports, Std.
  • Two External Pins for Positive Alignment
  • NOTE: All Line Blind spreader flanges come standard with thread inserts (helicoil screw thread inserts). The purpose is to increase thread-life after repeated operation. Their design eliminates erosion of the thread due to friction.
  • Size: 1″ and 2″
  • Connections: Flanged (RF or RTJ), Butt-or Socket-Weld
  • Type: 2-Way In-Line or 3-Way Tee
  • Working Pressure: to 3600 psi


  • Tee Body: CF8M
  • Spreader Flange: CF3M or CF8M
  • Slotted Flange: CF3M or CF8M
  • Spreader Bolts: B7 or B7M
  • Gate: 316 S.S.
  • Packing Ring: Teflon
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