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Series CBV 2500 Control Ball Valve

Quarter-turn control valve designed for precise modulating and On/Off operation in a wide variety of midstream and upstream applications. Provides bubble-tight sealing, precise control, and the ability to handle a higher pressure drop than any other V-ball valve.

Delivering superior flow control and positive shutoff (exceeds Class VI), the Series CBV 2500 is more compact, lighter weight and costs much less than comparable globe valves. With Cv curves greater than competitive valves, the Series CBV 2500 has the widest control range in its class.

The Series CBV 2500 provides throttling or on/off operation for a broad range of applications:
Flow Control: Upstream to downstream (crude oil, salt water, natural gas)
Oil & Gas Gathering Service: Upstream to midstream (crude oil, salt water, natural gas)
Gas Plant Service: Upstream to midstream (natural gas)
Oil Storage & Transmission Service: Upstream to midstream (crude oil)
Compressor Suction Control: Midstream (natural gas)
Clean Fluids With Entrained Solids: Wide assortment of applications and fluids

  • Substantially higher Cv than comparable valves, increasing flow capacity and allowing the use of valves that are smaller than line size or smaller than globe valve size
  • Higher turndown ratios for accuracy over a wide range
  • Higher pressure drop capability for use in a broader range of applications
  • Unique valve seat design with mirror-finish V-ball provides consistently high sealing capability over the entire service life
  • Adjustable valve shaft packing for simple field maintenance
  • Compact and light weight
  • Combines with Norriseal Series 2G pneumatic actuators and optional SmartPredictor™ positioners for reliable and accurate throttling or On/Off control
  • ‘Anti-blowout’ valve shaft enhances safety by preventing shaft ejection under pressure
  • Internal travel stops at full open and full closed eliminate valve misalignment
  • ISO 5211 mounting pad allows easy actuator positioning and installation
  • High-quality investment castings reduce turbulence in flow
  • Trunnion mounted full (not segmented) V-ball:
    • Withstands higher pressure drops
    • Lowers shaft fatigue
    • Improves performance and service life
    • Minimizes operating torque
  • Patent No.
    US D726,876 S
    US D726,877 S
  • Operating temperature: -50°F to 450°F (-46°C to 232°C)
  • Storage temperature: -50°F to 160°F (-46°C to 71°C)
  • Valve sizes: 3″, 4″ and 6″
  • Body configurations: Wafer and ISA Flanged
  • Pressure ratings:
    ANSI 150
    ANSI 300
    ANSI 600
  • Body material: Carbon Steel (LCC)
  • Ball material: Nickel-plated 410
  • Shaft/Trunnion material: 17-4 PH
  • Seal material: Spring-loaded Teflon
  • Seat material: PPS/Moly-filled PTFE
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